Submission Guidelines

By submitting a manuscript to MLS the author certifies that the article has not been simultaneously submitted to, or has previously appeared in, any other publication in whole or in part, in English or in another language.

Authors should submit their manuscripts using MLA style for citations and notes. Please use parenthetical citations that reference a works cited list; notes and works cited should appear at the end of the text. Submissions to the reviews section do not need a works cited list.

We encourage electronic submissions in Microsoft Word format. These should be set in 12 point Times, double spaced, and use superscript for footnote numbers rather than the footnote function. Please clear all identifiers from electronic submissions, including the author and company fields in “Properties” under the “File” menu. Electronic submissions must be accompanied by a cover message that includes the author’s relevant affiliations and a U.S. or international postal address. Address all e-mail submissions and correspondence

Authors who choose to submit by U.S. Mail should send three copies of their manuscripts to: Modern Language Studies, Susquehanna University, Box 1861, 514 University Avenue, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Please include an e-mail address for acknowledgement; if you have no e-mail address a self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included for acknowledgment. If you wish any material returned to you, include a SASE with appropriate postage.

NeMLA membership is not required to submit to MLS; however, membership is required for publication.

Statement of Ethical Practices

  • MLS editors and staff will maintain the confidentiality of all submissions, treat all contributors and potential contributors with respect, and adhere to the highest professional standards throughout the editorial process.
  • Authors will ensure that their submissions are entirely their own work, and they are responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permissions.
  • Reviewers will commit to giving constructive, well-considered evaluations in a timely manner, and will treat all submissions with respect.