Style Guide

  1. By submitting a manuscript to MLS the author certifies that the article has not been simultaneously submitted to, or has previously appeared in, any other publication in whole or in part, in English or in another language.
  2. Authors should submit three copies of their manuscripts using MLA style for citations and notes. All titles of works, however, should be italicized rather than underlined.
  3. Submissions in Microsoft Word format should be set in 12 point Times, double-spaced, and number all pages in the top right-hand corner. Do not use the footnote function; please use superscript for footnote numbers and type all notes at the end of the articles.
  4. The notes in submissions to the sections for critical essays and for profession and pedagogy should appear at the end of the text. Submissions to the section for reviews of primary source materials do not need a works cited list; reviews should employ documentation notes if necessary (see the MLA Handbook for format).
  5. MLS employs a double-blind peer review system for critical essays and essays on the profession and pedagogy. Please clear all identifiers from submitted manuscripts and from electronic submissions, including the author and company fields in “Properties” under the “File” menu. We also ask that authors try to avoid revealing their identity within the body of the article.
  6. For reviews, place your name and institutional or other affiliation at the beginning of the review. At the top of the review please include the bibliographic information about print and non-print sources as follows:Libidissi
    Georg Klein.
    London: Picador, 2001. 288 pp. $16.00/hardcover.

    Essential Acker: The Selected Writings of Kathy Acker
    Kathy Acker. Edited by Dennis Cooper and Amy Scholder. Introduction by Jeanette Winterson.
    New York: Grove, 2002. 335 pp. $15.00/paper.

    Hotel Rwanda
    Directed by Terry George. Written by Keir Pearson & Terry George.
    Lions Gate Films/United Artists, 2004.

    The Cinderella Project
    Edited by Michael N. Salda.
    Vers. 1.1, Dec. 1997.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    New York: Rockstar Games, 2004. $49.99

  7. Authors are responsible for obtaining, and paying for, all copyright permissions.