48.1 SUMMER 2018



Maps in Speculative Fiction, A Special Cluster:

Introduction: The Functions of Maps in Imagining Worlds

Emily Lauer


“If you can see a thing whole”: Planetary Cartography and Global Ontology

Amelia Z. Greene


“Rearranging the face of the planet”: The Remediation of Maps in Final Fantasy VI

Bradley Osborne


A Mapping Sensibility: How Mythopoeic YA (re)Maps the Terrain of Female Adolescence

Leah Phillips


Comic Book Continuity and Maps that Change in Every Issue
of Marvel’s Secret Wars (2015-2016) Crossovers

Christopher McGunnigle



What Masochism Means to High-Risk Romantics: Reading Nightwood

Ery Shin


Fiction & Poetry

K.C. Mead-Brewer: To Unweave a Rainbow

MLS Serial: Minotaur

Mara Rutherford