47.1 SUMMER 2017



Speculating Subjects: Keynes, Woolf, and Finance Capitalism

Regina Martin


Reading the Romance with Colette in ‘La lune de pluie’

Tama Lea Engelking


2017 Convention Keynote Address:

The End of Monolingualism: Notes on Narrowness

Ilan Stavans


Fiction & Poetry:

Dora Malech: In Western Massachusetts

Perfect for those corrections in a hurry!


Color Study


Living Situation



Robert J. Norrell. Alex Haley: And the Books That Changed a Nation

Matthew F. Delmont. Making Roots: A Nation Captivated

Randy Laist


Andrei Guruianu and Anthony Di Renzo. Dead Reckoning: Transatlantic Passages on Europe and America

Kristine Jennings


Christian Flaugh. Operation Freak: Narrative, Identity, and the Spectrum of Bodily Abilities

Tracy L. Rutler