46.2 WINTER 2017



Coping with Displacement: Humor and Emigration in Inés Fernández Moreno’s La profesora de español

Cynthia Sloan


The Empty Vessel: A Dissection of the Worth of Madness and Its Cure in Shirley Jackson’s The Bird’s Nest

Brigit Kelly Young


Attar’s “Tale of Marhuma:” The Woman with a Manly Heart

Richard Jeffrey Newman


Fiction & Poetry:

BK Fischer: My Lover’s Discourse (Prologue)


Interior Paramour


Mrs. Shandy



NeMLA Notes: On the 48th Annual Convention Theme

From the President


Remembering and Celebrating America’s Translingual, Transcultural, Global Past

Ben Railton


Language, Hemispherically Speaking…

Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez


Multilingual or Multicultural?: The 2007 MLA Report, (Nearly) Ten Years After

Scott McGinnis