44.1 Summer 2014


44.1 (Summer 2014)


Exploring Women: Virginia Woolf’s Imperial Revisions from The Voyage Out to Mrs. Dalloway

Ashley Nadeau


Rebecca Godwin: A Safe, Secret Place

Profession & Pedagogy

Contingent Realities for Women: National and Regional Trends

Josephine A. McQuail


Thomas N. Corns, Ann Hughes, and David Loewenstein, eds.

The Complete Works of Gerrard Winstanley: Two-Volume Set

Dan Mills

Andrew Piper.

Dreaming in Books: The Making of the Bibliographic Imagination in the Romantic Age

Adrian Versteegh

Laura Frost.

The Problem with Pleasure: Modernism and Its Discontents

Nell Wasserstrom

Sylvia Plath.

Sylvia Plath: Drawings

Melissa Adamo