41.2 Winter 2012


41.2 (Winter 2012)


Mexico and Weimar’s Anti-Authoritarian Socialist Imagination:
Storytelling, Working, and “Unworking” in B. Traven
Martin Kley

Die lange blutige Literatursitzung:”
Veit Miiller’s Interrogation of the Writing Process in Regional Detective Fiction
Lynn Marie Kutch

An Interview With Veit Miiller
Lynn Marie Kutch

QUOTATION AND ORIGINALITY: A Special Cluster On Creative Writing:

The Days Down Here: Art and Ethics in the Basement of Fiction
Jacob White

from The Philosophy of Decomposition / Re-composition as Explanation: A Poe and Stein Mash-up
Michael Leong

Notes Toward an Interventionalist Conceptualism: On the Composition of The Philosophy of Decomposition
Michael Leong

The Archeology of Originality
Silas Dent Zobal

On It Being Just Research, Really, and Work, Endless Hours of Work: Originality and Influence
Scott Henkle