38.2 Winter 2009


38.2 (Winter 2009)

Collaborations: NeMLA at 40

Collaborating with History: Nineteenth-Century African American (Auto)biography

“Introduction and Acknowledgments”
Jason Haslam

“‘The Poets are With Us’: Frederick Douglass and John Milton”
Melissa Shields Jenkins

“‘It Is Good to Be Shifty’: William Wells Brown’s Trickster Critique of Black Autobiography”
M. Clay Hooper

“The ‘Adventuress’ Becomes a ‘Lady’: Ida B. Wells’ British Tours”
Caroline C. Nichols

“Strategic Performances and Lingering Trace Forms: A Response to Melissa Shields Jenkins, M. Clay Hooper, and Caroline C. Nichols”
John Ernest

Faculty-Student Collaboration: Dossier on Alain Spiess

Short Story by Alain Spiess. Translated by Amanda Axsom and L. Scott Lerner

“Alain Spiess: A Critical Introduction”
Amanda Axsom

“A Conversation With Alain Spiess”
Amanda Axsom

“Confinement and the Artist in Alain Spiess”
L. Scott Lerner

L. Scott Lerner

Professional Collaborations: Reflections on NeMLA’s 40th Anniversary

Arthur F. Kinney

Ernest Hofer

Marilyn Gaddis-Rose

Ida H. Washington