37.1 Summer 2007


37.1 (Summer 2007)


“The Sociology of Thackeray’s “Howling Wilderness”: Selfishness, Secrecy and Performance in Vanity Fair”
Leila S. May

Profession & Pedagogy:

“Untranslatable? Making American Literature in Translation Digital”
Matt Cohen

“Rhetorical Dexterity: A New Model for Teaching Writing”
Cathryn Molloy

“Learning, Desire, and Engagement: a “Text-less” Model of Writing Instruction”
Heather Palmer and Ruth Summar McIntyre


Charles Tomlinson. Cracks in the Universe
Judith P. Saunders

Anne P. Rice, ed. Witnessing Lynching: American Writers Respond
Dora Apel. Imagery of Lynching: Black Men, White Women, and the Mob
Brian Norman

Winsor McCay. Peter Maresca, ed. Little Nemo in Slumberland: Splendid Sundays
Edward A. Shannon

Vincent B. Leitch, et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism
Samaa Gamie